The raw material (sapphire)

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sapphire glass

Blanks Verneuil

Flame fusion melts aluminum oxide at very high temperatures (around 2000°C). This fusion generates droplets that fall onto a crystalline seed, giving rise to a sapphire pin (crystal).

The material produced by our partner TIMSAPH in Delémont enables us to guarantee you a 100% Swiss product and thus reduce the ecological footprint of your product

Kyropoulos blanks

The method completely melts the base material so that a single crystal can then be grown by directional solidification. The seed will then grow into the melt as a result of the heat reduction. This method produces larger-diameter sapphire ingots.

Kyropoulos blanks enable us to meet a wide range of customer requirements, from working on large parts to achieving greater purity.

Glasses for the watchmaking industry

The glass we produce gives us design freedom, since we can machine raw glass into a variety of shapes:

Flat glass / Curved glass / Spherical glass / Cylindrical glass

We can design both simple and complex lenses, according to the requirements of the customers who entrust us with their projects.

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