Why us?

Equipped with the latest machinery, the latest technology and our own specific tooling development, we are able to offer you any type of part (flat, spherical, etc.). We offer technological expertise in product design, from prototype development to high-volume production runs.

Our teams develop production processes and specific machining methods with the know-how and equipment to realize our customers' ambitious projects.

What sets us apart today is our manufacturing and machining process, which can be described as 100% Swiss made. In fact, all our activities are carried out in our Boécourt workshops, to ensure that our know-how and experience continue to thrive.

  • Excellent service rates, confirmed by our customers
  • Quality requirements and management apply to the entire chain, from production to final inspection.

Machining processes

Specializing in the shaping of sapphire glass for the Swiss watchmaking industry, our expertise enables us to master our own proprietary machining process, from raw sapphire to the production of machined glass ready for mounting on watch cases.

In the watchmaking industry, precision is an integral part of all manufacturing processes, in order to offer products that achieve perfection. That's why our company meets the highest demands for precision and cutting-edge technology, while maintaining a strong focus on tradition.

Research & Development

Because our aim is to continually improve our techniques and working methods, we strive to optimize our machining processes on a daily basis, to enhance our flexibility for our customers. Our primary objective is to develop new products and new ways of producing special parts, complex shapes and specific projects.

Our Research and Development team challenges itself every day to explore new opportunities.


Thanks to our excellent collaboration with various players, Erma is able to offer you sapphire parts with decals, metallization and anti-reflective treatment. This task is entrusted to our partner Econorm, the recognized specialist in the field and guarantor of Swiss quality.

Erma Boécourt SA

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