Specialist in production
and sapphire crystal shaping

As a true specialist in the production and shaping of sapphire crystals, Erma Boécourt SA places its know-how and experience at the service of leading watchmaking groups. Today, Erma stands out as an established player in the Swiss watchmaking industry, positioning itself on skills that combine precision, quality and flexibility, and offering Swiss made products, up to 100% Swiss, using our partner TIMSAPH's material manufactured in our region.

Precision, quality
and Swiss know-how

Precision is an integral part of all our manufacturing processes, in order to offer products that achieve perfection. In this way, our company meets the demands for precision and cutting-edge technology, while at the same time emphasizing the traditions that are so deeply rooted in the Swiss watchmaking industry.


EPHJ JUNE 11 - 14, 2024


Erma Boécourt SA has a wide range of skills to cover every stage of the sapphire crystal transformation process. With over 50 years' experience under its belt, Erma Boécourt SA has mastered the most advanced machining processes in the Swiss watchmaking world. Our national know-how and "Swiss made" products reinforce our credibility with the various customers we work with on a daily basis.

The company

Erma is an independent, family-owned company located in the heart of the Swiss Jura, in Boécourt, a region strongly influenced by the watchmaking culture and industry. What sets us apart today is our manufacturing and machining process, which can be described as 100% Swiss Made. 

Erma Boécourt SA

Route de Séprais 24L
P.O. Box 23
CH-2856 Boécourt

T +41 32 427 04 30       
F +41 32 426 58 42