Erma Boécourt SA

Swiss precision, quality and expertise

Our skills

Erma draws on a variety of skills to ensure the robustness and durability of our machining processes. From cutting sapphire boules to delivering watch crystals to case manufacturers, everything we do is aimed at supplying quality products and satisfying the most exacting requirements.

That’s why our production teams carry out a range of processes when they fabricate sapphire crystal, each designed to deliver a product that meets the specific requirements of our watchmaking customers.

Because quality is one of our guiding values, everything we do is focused on the final product that we deliver. That’s why we perform a whole series of checks to ensure that no defects (such as cracks) are present in our components. Any component failing our checks is withdrawn from the manufacturing process.

Each sapphire crystal is polished to turn its initial white colour transparent. We then glaze the crystals to give them a sparkling appearance.

To enhance each component machined in our workshops, every mark and blemish is removed: flaws such as scratches, white marks or opacity are all quickly corrected during the manufacturing process.

At the end of the machining process, every single crystal produced is checked again by a team of specialists. We place particular emphasis on this check: any component with a flaw is considered to be defective. We insist that every internal check at Erma is performed by a human as not all faults can be reliably detected by machines.

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